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Relax, restore, and renew the senses with Picassa’s all-new organic perfumes, crafted from a mix of organic floral and herbal oils and 15% natural ethanol. Our gentle, yet lush organic fragrances are derived from ingredients lovingly grown and tended without chemicals, pesticides, or other toxins, preserving an all natural blend that applies gently to the skin without causing irritation. Picassa’s self-care perfumes include only what nature provides, featuring subtle, yet evocative hints of blossoms, fruits, herbs, and fresh, clean water.

A natural perfume can transform your daily routine to reduce stress, improve sleep quality, enhance focus and concentration, and elevate your mood, bringing peace of mind and body with every pump. A little goes a long way—just spray gently on the skin or mist the air around you to apply.

Available in three delightful, all-natural fragrances:
- Darken Rose
- Coral Musk
- Floral Blossoms

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