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Picassa's organic eyelash serum revitalizes, conditions, and nourishes your eyelashes and eyebrows, keeping you looking and feeling fresh and moisturized while it supports rich hair growth. Made with a limited formula of all-organic, all-natural ingredients, our rose-infused eyelash, and eyebrow serum will eliminate any itching or dryness on your skin or hair follicles, strengthening the hair of your eyelashes and eyebrows to prevent breakage and keep them looking full and long. Our serum includes vitamin E, whose antioxidant properties are great for your skin and hair, as well as castor oil and argan oil to hydrate and strengthen hair. With daily use, our 10ml serum tubes will last up to two months.

Note: Don't apply the Picassa eyelash serum over makeup—only apply to clean, washed skin.

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