Beard & Hair Formula SELF-CARE


For a healthy beard to grow, you must take the time to do some daily maintenance. This doesn't have to turn into a long chore, which is why every man that tried our Beard Oil loved the way it was so quickly absorbed, without feeling heavy or greasy. They were amazed that just a few drops was enough to moisturize your entire beard, leaving it softer, more manageable.
Also, the oils used are said to encourage beard growth and moisturize the skin under our beards, reducing the itchy, dry feeling familiar to long time beard lovers. Many men find out too late that the skin under our beard can become dry and itchy without the proper care. They are too late for two reasons, by the time your skin is itchy, your skin is already damaged, and your beard is probably as well. It is far too common for us to wait too long before we start a daily Beard Care routine, waiting until our beards have grown out a bit before we start treating it with a quality Beard Oil. Truth is, you will get the most benefit and keep your skin healthy if you begin applying a high quality beard oil, like ours, to your beard as soon as it reaches about a quarter inch in length. Starting this early, conditions your beard from the start, keeping it incredibly soft and allowing you to shape it at will. Your skin will stay moisturized and not be allowed to flake or itch.

Our Beard Oil is lighter and easily absorbed by your skin and will not clog your pores like many other oils can. Be good to your beard, start early and follow a daily maintenance routine that includes a high-quality beard oil, like ours.


Ingredients: Sweet Almond Castor Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Rosemary Oil, Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Ginger Oil, Aloe

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