All-Natural Deodorant


All natural all organic deodorant

Choosing the right organic deodorant product for you requires a little understanding of how these natural products work.

For starters, natural deodorants are not antiperspirants. Common antiperspirant ingredients (like aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminum zirconium) literally block your sweat glands from producing sweat. While this may sound like a good outcome, these ingredients have been linked to a few undesirable illnesses

Instead of blocking sweat,
natural deodorants work by killing bacteria and neutralizing odor so that your sweat doesn’t smell bad. Additionally, natural powders (such as arrowroot, baking soda, kaolin clay, and corn starch) help to absorb excess wetness from sweating.

Try our all natural all organic deodorants Our scents are Rosemary Mint , Jasmine and Rose.

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