Jewelweed Soap - Organic Jewelweed Soap - Psoriasis - Dry Skin - Poison Ivy - Moisturizer - Skin Care - Organic Handmade Soaps


Used in medicinal contexts by indigenous peoples for centuries, jewelweed offers natural healing properties that make it a perfect choice for people with psoriasis or sensitive skin. Picassa’s jewelweed soap provides a deep, soothing clean for even severely dry and irritated skin, and can be used both as an everyday bath soap or for immediate relief of itching and pain—even if you’ve come into contact with a skin irritant such as poison ivy. With its subtle scent and limited formula, our jewelweed natural bath soap is sure to leave you feeling fresh, clean, and reinvigorated.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Distilled Water, Jewelweed Tea, Dried Leaf and Lye.

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